Today’s lives are not only busy and make you feel tired physically, but puts a lot of pressure on your mind and soul. Changing the working atmosphere and lifestyle has become tough. Adding to that, traveling for hours every day makes things worse.

This is when a spa session helps you. Siri Thai Spa is an urban spa destination dedicated exclusively to help you with stress relief and relaxation in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Siri Thai Spa is a hidden gem situated in the heart of the city. Our boutique spa offers exclusive treatments for both genders in a quiet environment –   a unique space to soothe and relax your body, mind, and soul.

Our Story

Being in the industry for three years, Siri Thai Spa has been serving its clients and striving hard to raise the Spa Standards in Visakhapatnam. Educating and training our staff from time-to-time has only been our tradition of excellence. It, also, has been our secret mantra to offer a wow experience to our clients for all these years.

Our Motto

To be the first choice for all the spa needs in and around Visakhapatnam. We have come up with the finest products available in the industry to offer our clients a unique relaxing experience. Our staff here is dedicated to give you a whole pampering and soothing spa session.

Our Promise

Lavish elegance, hand-picked products, humble and friendly staff, and first-class services, at Siri Thai Spa, will make you fall in love with us. You will keep coming back for the royal and wonderful experience we offer. It’s our promise to you.

Our Vision

“We are a team that says no to ego and yes to passion. Our vision is to establish an impeccable mark in Beauty and Wellness industry.”